I was raised on a large isolated asparagus farm in the Columbia Basin. Our farm was 5 miles from the nearest neighbor on a dusty gravel road. It was a lonely existence for a 5-year-old girl, but I found my friends in the horses, cattle, dogs, cats, and occasionally, a fallen baby bird. Animals were my friends, playmates, and confidants. My human family, all seven of us, had blue eyes. I remember fondly the meal time conversations; beautiful blue eyes sparkling with excitement of the stories of the day. I often reminisce about those days, and I miss those lively conversations and those blue eyes.

Enter the Ragdoll!! Sasha and Liera, our first beautiful Ragdolls, captivated us. Their beautiful blue eyes, laid back temperament, and best friend attitude, stole our hearts.

On our farm, we always had feline friends to accompany us in the barn, garden, and around the social bonfires. We acquired our first two Ragdolls from Blue Mountain Ragdolls in 2006. It's a beautiful cattery and now Sharron is a dear, dear friend. In 2012, we had our first litter!!!

With a husband and children that have green and hazel eyes, my attraction to their unique quality, has grown.... therefore, enter the Sepias with their emerald green eyes!!

We are a busy family that loves animals. I am in the medical profession, and my husband is in the airline industry. We, together, are raising two beautiful children. We have received great joy from our family of animals and hope to bring magical companionship and love of a feline family member to your family!!

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