IMG_9626_pe            Traditional Blue Bi-color Ragdoll

IMG_1306jenny cash 2015 Sepia Blue Mitted, Sepia Seal Bi-Color, Sepia Blue Colorpointe, Sepia Seal Colorpointe, Sepia Blue Mitted Ragdolls (left to right)

                 Mink Seal Mitted Ragdoll

cash and scarlett_peTraditional Blue Bi-color Ragdoll (back)
Sepia Seal Ragdoll (front)

Flame Traditional Flame Ragdoll

Jetts BabiesMink Blue Mitted, Blue Sepia, Seal Sepia, Mink Seal Mitted, Mink Seal Mitted Ragdolls
(left to right)

Sophia fireplace_pe-5_resized         Sepia Blue Ragdoll

2013-07-13_15-27-55_914-1-1_peTraditional Blue, Traditional Seal, Traditional Flame, Mink Seal Mitted, Traditional Seal
Ragdolls (left to right)