IMG_9245_pe1~Meet Sasha~
She is a beautiful Traditional Seal Tortie.
Sasha was our very first Ragdoll!
She has extremely soft rabbit fur and is the leader of the house. She is such a great companion and accommodates all environments -- even the RV!

2013-07-13_15-27-55_914-1-1_peSasha gave us our first litter
of 5 beautiful babies:
Bingo, Miss Bam Bam, Zeus, Ole and Rio.

Jetters 2~Meet Jett~
She is a Mink Seal Mitted doll. She is the playful leaper of the group. Her hair is like touching a bunny. Jett has aqua eyes and is very vocal; expressing her needs to you with full eye contact.

Jetts BabiesJett has given us beautiful litters of
Mink and Sepia babies.

Sophia fireplace_pe-5_resized~Meet Jenny~
She is a Sepia Blue Mitted beauty. Jenny has aqua blue eyes and is the best mother we have.

Jenny's 3 babiesJenny is loving, proud, and very protective of her babies. She is truly a joy to watch raise her babies.

IMG_3184_pe1Meet Scarlett~
She is a Traditional Blue Bi-Color.
Scarlett is a large female.
Don't let all the fluffy hair fool you!
She is what the Ragdoll cat is named for:
The best companion always by your side!

Monet~Meet Moné~
She is a Traditional Seal mitted beauty. Moné has long, soft fur and is a quiet, loving companion.

mystique~Meet Mystique~
She is a Sepia Seal Mitted charmer. Mystique is a head bumper and very vocal. She comes running when called and loves to lie near us on the couch and watch movies. We are very excited to see what her gorgeous babies will look like!