Please inform us if you are looking for a particular color of kitten.

We are a small cattery, so we typically have a waiting list for our kittens.  There is no deposit necessary to be placed on the waiting list to reserve a future kitten when the next litters arrive.  Requests will be placed on the list in the order they are received. When it is possible for us to determine the correct color, we will notify you that we have a possible match for the kitten you have requested.

Sue's niece

∼ When the kittens are photo worthy (5-7 weeks old), we will send you pictures. 

∼ We try to take current pictures of the kittens, however,sometimes it is difficult to capture their unique personalities. Once you have purchased a kitten we will e-mail you pictures regularly.

∼ We have an “Upcoming Breedings” page posted on our website at all times.

∼ We update our website with available kittens regularly.

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