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Everything you need to make your kitten feel at home....

Preparing to bring your kitten home....

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This is the food you will need to bring your kitten home to.  As the kitten matures you can change it to Royal Canin Kitten, or to what ever you desire.  Just remember to mix the old with the new for a slow transition.

Our preferred litter.  It is dust free and works great.  It has no fragrances in it. Fragrances in litter is hard on the kitten and cats respiratory system. 


Cat/Kitten teaser wand. I like natural products and wood.  It is easier to keep clean!

My kittens and cats’ favorite toy of all time are these springs!! I bounce them on the floor and the kittens just love to try to figure which way to jump to catch them!

 The perfect little home for your new kitten is this tent.  It is not
necessary, however, if you do not have a “safe room” for the kitten to get
used to it’s new family of dogs, kids, and family activities, This tent
allows the kitten to have a potty box, food, water, toys, and bed all
safely enclosed.  Also, this is super handy to take with you on road
trips when the kitten is an adult and you want to bring your friend
along on your travels! 

Ok… sometimes accidents can happen.  The important thing to remember is that you need to neutralize the odor.  If an accident is just wiped up with a normal disinfectant, it will not neutralize the oder.   Animals can smell amazingly.  If they smell an area that has had a urine spot, chances are they will try to mark their territory with their smell.  Please read the directions before using, I am cautious about applying to certain fabrics.

We love our Ragdolls fluffy, soft, cuddly fur!!  However, sometimes it can be on our furniture.  This little tool is the best for removing fur from furniture!!!

You will love me for this one!!!  YOUR WELCOME!!  My brother shared these with me… He has two gorgeous Flame Ragdolls.  He owns Ole the TV star!!  Well… with all the meetings my brother takes Ole to, he found himself sometimes covered in cat fur.  He wears a lot of black. This tool is the BEST!!  I even use it on blankets, sheets, upholstery, and anything I wear.  I keep the little one in my purse and the big one in the house.  It self cleans and you will be shocked at how much cat hair it picks up!!!

 I use this brush on my Standard Poodle and my Ragdolls.  It is nicer to them than the furminator that everyone uses.  It seems to remove fur without them getting upset; matter of fact they love it!

The best crinkly toy!!! Jett (one of our Moms) loved these and so do our kittens.  IN FACT…. This is how we teach our cats to fetch!  By the bag… they will misplace them in days! =)

We have found that the simplicity of this litter box is the best for us.  Sometimes we even remove the top, so the kitten has a little hut to sleep on with their cuddly blanket underneath.  We like the versatility!

We like strong and easy to clean items.  This scoop is strong and can soak in disinfectant. We like short handles so the handle does not break.

When it comes to having a beautiful loving Ragdoll, let’s face it, the worst thing about it is the litter box cleaning!! We love the litter robot! It is totally worth the convenience. We have also noticed that because the litter robot dumps the waste right after the cat uses the facility, our cats do not get sick. We believe that a healthy house is a clean house… So this helps our cats have a clean spot to go potty.

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!  The reason we love it is because we can keep it clean.  We have found that carpeted pet trees get very filthy and smelly.  This product is totally cleanable!!  The pads are removable to wash, the surfaces are like counter tops and guess what???  All pieces have replaceable pieces you can reorder if something gets old.  I notice my cat trees always need new sisel for them to scratch on every so many years.  This is awesome because if I just need to replace the scratching post I can! This is the size I recommend for adult cats.

Here is the medium size I like for kittens and adults. LOVE, LOVE how I can clean all surfaces or replace I need too!

I like this size of a cat house for my mommies with their babies. Seems cozy and fun at the same time!!

This is great for the kittens to develop muscle tone and agility…. I am always trying to help people and animals have a functionally strong and balanced body!!

Great house for multiple cats!!

When it comes to taking your friend with you…. this is so fun!! Hiking, walking, shopping… this is the gadget we love!!!

When it comes to toys… I like solid and to be able to clean them… I am a nut about cleanliness.  I think that is why all of my kittens stay so healthy.

Here is another style of the above toy.

We love this fountain. I bet you can guess why?? Yep! Stainless steel and easy to sterilize!!

I like stainless steel… easier to sterilize.  I actually really like these bowls because the kittens and cats can not tip them over… Sometimes Cats will be cats and any activity they can make crackle, spill or roll… they think it is a great game.  I had one cat that thought that the water bowl was fun to knock over just so she could see the water flow… gaah! I like these also because you can watch the amount of food and water the kitten is eating.  I always like to see the dish go down daily to know that my cat is getting enough water and food for the day.

And for the adventurous!! I do want to caution you that if you are in a public area, you will need to be ready for the occasional dog to try to meet your cat.  Make sure the leash and harness are strong so you can pull your cat up quickly!!

Remember!!! Our Ragdolls may get large.  Get a strong harness and leash for those quick escapes from too friendly of dogs that run your way. 

Ragdolls LOVE to be with their family… at home and on the go!