Our beautiful AmorPurrfect Ragdolls females...

are the heart of our Ragdoll cattery and are loved and cheished members of our family.


Meet Cashmere. She is a Traditional Lilac Lynx. Cashmere has the most affectionate Ragdoll kittens. We address her as “Queen Momma”. She  loves her kittens and always gives a little extra to her little ones. Most mornings, while we drink our coffee, Cashmere will bring the smallest kitten of the litter out of the birthing box to join us and nurse it as we plan our day. Such a treat!


Meet Philly. She is a Mink Mitted Ragdoll. Philly is such a playful dear and enjoys watching me on the computer. I think she wants to try typing! She watches my fingers like they are some fabulous toy! Philly is an extremely wonderful mommy. She keeps her babies clean and spotless.

(AmorPurrfect tip: clean babies make clean adults!)


Meet JJ. She is a Sepia Seal Mitted. JJ is a head bumper and very vocal. Her kittens are the most outgoing and loving Ragdoll kittens we have. She comes running when called and loves to lie near us on the couch and watch movies.


Meet Roxie. A Blue Mink Tortie, she has amazing Ragdoll kittens. Roxie is our angel and has a very special place in our family’s heart because she needed some extra attention as a new-born; which caused us to have an extra special bond with her. Roxie’s fur is softer than a rabbit’s.

(AmorPurrfect trivia: our last Flame baby is a TV star!! He has done ads for Amazon and Tuesday Morning! Flames are very unique and beautiful).

Below is Roxie being bottlefed as a kitten.


Meet Gabbana. She is a Traditional Seal Mitted. Gabbana is the sweetest, loving momma Ragdoll. Being a Traditional, her fur is a little longer than the Mink or the Sepia. Holding her in your arms feels like holding a piece of soft, luxurious cashmere.

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AmorPurrfect Ragdolls Moms...

are strategically bred. We only do a few select breedings throughout the year. The physical health of our Ragdoll mothers and fathers is our primary concern.