AmorPurrfect Ragdolls
Sample Contract

Between Breeder and Purchaser
AmorPurrfect Ragdolls
E-mail: [email protected]

Buyer: ______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
Mailing Address, if different: ____________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________
Kitten info: Date of Birth: ______________________________________
Gender: ___________________________________________
Color and Pattern: __________________________________
Kitten’s Sire: __________________________________________________
Kitten’s Dame: ________________________________________________
Purchase Price: ______________________
Non-refundable Deposit: ___________ Date: ______
Balance: ___________
Purchase price to be paid in full, at pick up date of pet kitten.
Full Payment Due Date: __________________
Kitten Pick-Up Date: ___________________

*I acknowledge this kitten is sold as a PET: NO Breeding rights are given.
Initials ______________________

The Seller will have completed all age-appropriate vaccinations. A copy of the kitten’s
health record will be given to the Buyer at the time of pick up. The kitten will be
evaluated by Seller’s veterinarian for a Well-Baby Evaluation within 72 hours of the
kitten leaving seller.

If the Buyer chooses to inoculate for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), the warranty will
become void and the Seller will not warranty the kitten against any adverse reactions to
future vaccinations and the Contract will be void.

Health Warranty
Part 1)
The Buyer must provide a veterinarian examination within 72 hours of pick-up of the
kitten, at the Buyer’s expense. This 72-hour window is strictly adhered to by the seller. Initials
Under no circumstances will AmorPurrfect Ragdolls be responsible for the Buyer’s
veterinarian expenses.
If the veterinarian determines that the kitten is critically ill and unfit for sale, within the
72-hour window and provides written documentation, you may return the kitten and the
seller will refund the full sale price. The kitten must be returned within twenty-four hours
of the vet examination. No vet expenses will be reimbursed by the seller. If the Buyer is
unwilling to return the kitten to the Seller, the Buyer will assume the responsibility for the kitten, and there
will be no replacement kitten given, nor any refund of money.

Part 2) Long Term Health Warranty
This warranty offers long-term protection from genetic defects and congenital diseases. If
the kitten is diagnosed with a serious and life-threatening genetic defect or congenital
disease that causes death before the age of 2 years old, the Seller will provide the Buyer
with a replacement kitten of equivalent expense.
The conditions that do not qualify for replacement are as follows: innocent heart
murmurs, growth issues, or allergies; in other words, conditions that an otherwise healthy
cat can live with and be happy. We respect a veterinarian’s opinion of what constitutes a
serious defect, but we may require a second opinion (which would be obtained at our

Registration Papers
After proof of alteration from a licensed vet is produced from the Buyer, the Seller will
provide a “Pet Kitten’s” blue sheet for registration from TICA. This will only be sent to
the Buyer when the Seller has received certification of altering from a licensed
veterinarian. The buyer will not breed the cat.
The seller will not accept the return of a healthy kitten. The Seller does not guarantee
personality or bonding of said kitten to Buyer. Initials____________

The Buyer will not declaw the kitten or cat. A scratching post and regular claw trimming
should be provided. If declawed, the Contract is void, unless Buyer has received written
permission from Seller, which would only be in very rare instances.

The Buyer will provide the cat with proper nutrition and veterinarian care.

The Buyer will provide companionship, taking into consideration the Ragdoll cat’s
unique need for companionship, and not leave the cat alone for extended periods of time.

By signing below, both the Buyer and Seller indicate they have read and agree with all of
the provisions of the above contract. We at AmorPurrfect Ragdolls develop strong
attachments to our kittens, and we look forward to pictures, notes etc., regarding their

BUYER: _______________________________ DATE: _______________
SELLER: ______________________________ DATE: _______________